Proud of the Areas We Serve!

Published on 11/6/2020

Areas We Serve

At AAA Safe Storage, we have 3 locations in Tennessee: Lexington, Milan, and Linden. We are proud to serve all three regions. Call us at AAA Safe Storage for your next storage unit rental at (731) 967-0742.

Our AAA locations aren't just happenstance. We chose them specifically to provide maximum benefits for our customers.

With these three locations, we have a unit less than an hour away from almost anyone in West Tennessee.

Additionally, each location is located in small towns, well away from the current considerations of any big city unrest. These locations are well maintained, climate-controlled, very secure, feature digital video surveillance as well as small-town police department patrols.

Lexington has a population of 7,600, halfway between Memphis and Nashville, and just 10 miles from I-40.

Milan has a population of 7,600 as well, just 20 miles from I-40, is nestled in Gibson County, and was recently rated as one of the top safest cities in Tennessee.

Linden is located just on the east side of the Tennessee river, in Perry County. The entire county has a population of just under 8,000 and 20 miles from I-40 as well.

When renting from AAA Safe Storage, you can be assured of receiving personal, professional service in locations predetermined to be the safest for your belongings (we even offer tenant protection insurance for your more valuable assets) as well as convenient access for your travel considerations. Call us at AAA Safe Storage for your next storage unit rental at (731) 967-0742.