10 Self-Storage Reasons You Should Consider

Published on 1/14/2021

10 Self-Storage Reasons You Should Consider

10 reasons why you should consider a self storage unit with AAA Safe Storage.

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Self-storage with AAA Safe Storage is an affordable way to keep your items held off premises, making your life easier in several situations. Here are 10 self-storage reasons, some of which you may have never considered:

You need to transition after a relationship change

If a break-up occurs, there are always belongings that may or may not fit into your new space. Renting a storage unit is a great way to safely and security store your 'stuff' during a transition.

Rooms are overpacked at your business

Your business may find that storing extra office supplies, equipment, inventory, or paperwork in a storage unit is a great idea. Rather than cluttering up rooms at work or expanding your building (even if you can), a storage unit makes much more sense.

You've retired

If you have retired, you may find that some of your work-related materials/clothing/etc are no longer necessary at your home. If you are not ready to part with them, put them in storage. Also, if you're selling your home to travel, a storage unit is a great idea.

Seasonal items

If you have summer items such as pool equipment, lawn equipment, or outdoor furniture...you can extend their life by keeping them out of the winter elements and in storage. If your attic is too full or inconvenient for seasonal clothing, a storage unit is also a good choice. Likewise, your Christmas decorations, trees, etc. may find a storage unit is a better home than your attic or garage.

Family bereavement

To put it as delicately as we can, all families must at some time deal with family members who pass away. Oftentimes there is no place to store family heirlooms and other mementos. A storage unit can help during this difficult time in everyone's life.

Storage for sports or hobby equipment

Enjoying a sport or a hobby can often come with its own set of 'where do I keep the stuff' circumstances. If your equipment is bulky, takes up space, or is seasonal...a storage unit is the perfect solution for your problem.

You travel a lot

Whether it's your job or your lifestyle that results in frequent travel, if there are items that are inconvenient to take with you, consider storing them instead. Have outdoor equipment or vehicles (such as a motorcycle) that you are uncomfortable leaving out at home while you're gone? Store them instead.

You have decided to declutter the house

Sometimes we look around our home and realize we are wall to wall with 'stuff';. This is not stuff we are comfortable throwing away, or selling, but to be honest, it's in the way. Store it.

You're downsizing

When the kids move away, it is not uncommon for families to consider downsizing their homes. When that happens, rest assured you don';t have to pack items into the new place or sell them...store them at AAA Safe Storage.

Your job has become home-based

During the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses decided to have workers do their jobs from home. If this has happened to you and you've found that you needed to clear out a workspace - there's a handy option for where to put the stuff you 'cleared out'...a storage unit.

For more information about storing your belongings, give AAA Safe Storage a call anytime at (731) 967-0742. We will be glad to help solve your problems for you! And with locations in Milan, Lexington and Linden, there is sure to be a AAA Safe Storage facility near you.